How to Get Clear Skin: Best Beach Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

women at beach skin care
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Anyone with oily skin knows how hot weather, humidity and sweat can cause breakouts, especially when soaking up hours of sun and sand at the beach or dips in the pool all day. Therefore, you need to be prepared to maintain clear skin before venturing outdoors. For this reason, here is how to manage oily skin before that happens to keep skin clear with the best beach skin care routine.

Rethink Outdoor Sun Protection

Sunscreen choice matters for oily skin that is acne-prone so avoid clogging pores with heavy, greasy formulas, alcohol, or ones with fragrances that can agitate your skin and cause redness, congested pores, and breakouts.

Instead search for a noncomedogenic sunscreen with oil-free ingredients. Before making your chemical sunscreen choice, make sure the label mentions: non-acnegenic, noncomedogenic, won’t cause breakouts or does not clog pores. Even though the formula is noncomedogenic, you can find ones that are water-resistant so aim for one that has at least SPF 30 or higher that protects from glaring rays while in the water for 80 minutes before needing to reapply.

Your other option is considering a mineral sunscreen, which can be kinder if your oily skin is on the sensitive side. Check the label to make sure that the active ingredient is either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. As a physical sunscreen, this type of formula tends to be more mask like, but look for micronized on the label to sheer that whitish cast out. You can also find water-resistant mineral sunscreens for acne-prone skin at the beach.

Don’t Wait Cleansing After Fun at the Beach for Clear Skin and Preventing Breakouts

Once that you’re ready to call it a day at the beach or soaking up rays and water at home, it is vital to shower off what is on the skin. Water alone won’t help get rid of the sunscreen if rinsing off at a public shower. Therefore, pack along an acne-fighting cleanser with salicylic acid or skin cleansing wipes that are premoistened can give you that edge to maintain clear skin and prevent beach acne. However, you still need to shower or take a bath and cleanse the skin more thoroughly at home.


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