Why You Want This Inexpensive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner From Miuzzy

Me Using the Miuzzy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Finding a reasonably priced vacuum cleaner that has great suction power to pick up dirt, crumbs, dust, and small debris can be hit or miss. I have a professional model vacuum that you don’t have to buy bags for that needs to be plugged in. However, my sweeper is not intended to use on any other surface than carpeting. When Miuzzy reached out about trying their cordless vacuum cleaner, I never heard of their company but thought why not review it. For such an inexpensive vacuum-cleaner, I was impressed at all the advantages the Miuzzy cordless vacuum has compared to my heavy sweeper.

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How the Miuzzy Cordless Vacuum Simplifies Cleaning

To begin with, this stick vacuum can tackle more than just carpeting. You can use it on hardwood or tile floors to area rugs as well.

Secondly, this vacuum sweeper doesn’t have to be plugged in. It has a battery that can last 50-minutes once it is fully charged. In addition, you get a charger to plug in to restore its power.

Thirdly, this cordless vacuum is a mere four pounds. I don’t know what your vacuum weighs, but mine is a bear of considerable weight. I like that the Miuzzy vacuum feels less effortless to push.

Fourthly, the suction power is amazing with 2500Pa suction for efficiently picking up debris. It has three levels of power that you can select from with small, medium and maximum modes.

Fifthly, I love how I can better maneuver around corners and tight spaces with this stick vacuum cleaner than with the professional model cleaner with a larger front head.

Another plus of this cordless vacuum is its HEPA filter with its specialized cyclone filtration technology for ridding the air of pollutants and dirt for deep clean.

Something else this lightweight vacuum has that my plugin in vacuum lacks is its LED screen to show with battery indicator, roll brush blockage reminder, dust full reminder, and speed mode.

Sometimes, we don’t really think much about the brush on a vacuum cleaner until having trouble such as when strings or fuzz can end up wrapped around the brush. I know I had this happen, but the Miuzzy stick vacuum has a V-shaped roller brush that helps prevent that type of problem for smoother operation.

Finally, you get a two-year warranty if you have any issues with it.

What Else You Get with the Miuzzy Cordless Vacuum

Besides the cordless vacuum, you will find the LED roller brush, adjustable tube, soft dusting brush, long suction nozzle, wall mount, adapter, cleaning tool, MIF filter, and the instruction book.

My Honest Thoughts About the Miuzzy Stick Vacuum

Seriously, I never expected such performance and value from an inexpensive stick vacuum. If you’re in the market for a new one or have a huge model like I do, the Miuzzy vacuum is a great cleaning tool to own. Do yourself a favor and get one. The price on Amazon is $129.99 and there is even a $20 coupon that you can use to reduce the price further. Please if you do buy, I would appreciate if you could go through my link.


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