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Nuts 4 Stuff began in December 2010 and eventually became Beauty Cooks Kisses. My beauty and lifestyle blog is a treasure trove of beauty, style, great food and home tested recipes, tips, makeup secrets, fashion, healthy living, organizing, DIY, reviews, giveaways, inspiration, advice, time saving, decor, saving money, and so much more to beautify and simplify life.

Being a curious person, I am always interested in discovering new products, ideas and ways to deal with common problems of everyday life that constantly challenge us. Life is hard enough and this is one of the reasons I write because sharing and inspiring with what helped me in my life with others makes all the effort I put into blogging worth it.

Think of me as your online friend because that’s what I want to be. I am not glamorous, but that doesn’t stop me from always experimenting with new beauty products to search for the next best thing from makeup, skin and hair care, perfumes and fashion related finds. Though I consider myself average-looking, you might say that I am a constant work in progress.

No one could ever say that I am not enthusiastic or adventurous in trying new looks to developing new recipes. I also am not afraid to admit that I am a lazy cook and baker. Easy recipes from scratch are the only ones I make. I hate complicated recipes or ones with fancy, exotic ingredients that are too expensive. Life is too short not to experience every joy it has to offer–including simple, but delicious food is my motto!

The ones that I share are my delicious efforts, but I have made my share of mistakes that my family occasionally loves to bring to my attention. Along the way, I have learned some helpful cooking and baking tricks to shortcuts as well as household solutions.

Something that you don’t know about me is that I love animals and would have a zoo if I could afford it. I think animals sense the connection I have for them enough that they often want to move in if I babysit any fur babies of my friends or neighbors when going on vacation. In fact, I no longer get asked to care for them for that reason.

My goal is to share and inspire so even the average woman like me feels better about herself from her appearance to her daily life with the help of my product discoveries, tips, style, favorite recipes, healthy living, household solutions, and more. If I can just help improve one life, then I know that I am on the right track.

Why the name Beauty Cooks Kisses? To me, beauty is more than just a pretty face or perfect home or a cooked masterpiece. Real beauty goes beyond the superficial and takes in so much more with a warm spirit and kindness in what you send out into the world. This is the beauty that cooks (the creation) of love that brings those kisses. This is Beauty Cooks Kisses, an accumulation of all components of beauty that are constantly cooking to feed the body and soul for a never-ending supply of warmth and kisses.

If what I describe sounds like your type of blog, I hope that you’ll want to stick around and subscribe to Beauty Cooks Kisses.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!