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Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Glossybox–-A gift that no woman can resist is one of beauty such as the assorted 25 luxury skin care, hair care, makeup, fragrance, nail products, etc. in this year’s All I Want Advent Calendar.  Read my review and then be sure to snatch this $99 deal that has a $325 value while it is available!


Gift Guide All I Want Advent Calendar

She will love the variety and excitement of going through this Glossybox All I Want Advent Calendar.

If you want to see the happy glow appearing on her face, read my review of the Glossybox Holiday Limited Edition 2018 All I Want Box. Trust me, gifting a beauty lover with that box will make her eyes light up to compete with those holiday lights!  This is another gift I highly recommend when you visit this company’s website.

Glossybox Holiday Limited Edition 2018 All I Want Box small

This $40 box has more than $255 of full-size luxury beauty products with products she’ll cherish.


Harvey Prince Organics–Give her a perfume that shows what a special treasure she is with a FDA-certified safe fragrance. Read my review of their bewitching Hello Perfume before stopping at the company’s website to buy.


Hello Perfume

Hello Perfume is a fragrance that wraps you in its tender embrace.


Vitabath–What special lady wouldn’t appreciate a seductive new fragrance set to bathe with, which also keeps her skin soft and silky? Read my review of their Coconut Noir Fragrance Collection and then stop by the company’s website to buy.


Vitabath Coconut Noir Fragrance Collection

She will adore the warm seductive spell the Coconut Noir fragrance casts.

Another top Vitabath gift pick is an assortment of their Lavender Chamomile bath products with soothing Epsom salts for pain relief and additional tranquility from aromatherapy. Read my review and then remember what perfect stocking stuffers these products make. Be sure to visit their website and shop.

Vitabath Lavender Chamomile Bath Products Smaller

This is a gift that everyone can use and benefit from.

Winter is harsh for that beauty’s skin. Let me also suggest Vitabath Body Oils as the perfect way to solve that problem. Read my review and then shop.

Vitabath Body Oils Small

Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance with Vitabath Body Oils.

YASOU–I doubt anyone could resist a gift of luxurious spa-like organic skin care for peaceful mind, body and petal soft skin. Read my review of YASOU Hydrating Body Cream and then visit their website to buy.

YASOU Hydrating Body Cream smaller

Give that special someone a spa-like experience that YASOU skin care can provide.

Here’s another YASOU stocking stuffer gift that you can’t go wrong with is their Vegan Cell Renewal Night Cream.  Read my post for why I love it and then be sure to shop!

YASOU Vegan Cell Renewal Night Cream small

This is a luxurious cream that cherishes skin with healthy, organic ingredients.


Another holiday treat is the YASOU Gift box that includes an 8-oz. hydrating body cream aroma free with two bath bombs. The bath bombs are infused with Shea Butter Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Kaolin Clay, Pink Sea Salt, Bergamot, Rosemary, and Lavender essential oils. Gift wrapped, Free Shipping in the USA for $36.50  (retails for $55.00). I say check it out!


2018 Holiday Gift Box Yasou web

Can you imagine the pleasure of that special someone’s face when you gift them with the YASOU Gift Box?

Monave Mineral Makeup–Help her shine and sparkle this holiday season with a gift of nontoxic Monave Mineral Makeup. Read my review and then be sure to shop!

Monave Mineral Makeup Holiday Glam small

Nontoxic makeup gifts are ideal stocking stuffers for the beauties in your life.

This is the time of year that you want to add some specialized radiance. Monave’s Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilights Duo Gift Sets make perfect gifts any beauty would love to find in her holiday stocking. Add this gift to your gift list!

Monave Mousse Rainbow Goddess Hilights small

Playing with colored highlights gives you a lot of striking makeup possibilities when creating a look.

Fuego Box–A gift of great taste is always appreciated. A perfect stocking stuffer is a hot sauce subscription like my favorite Fuego Box. Read my review and then be original and gift those special people on your holiday gift list with their own!


Fuego Box November 2018

A food gift never needs to be returned. Now how great is that I ask you?


Simply Earth–Giving a Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box subscription for crafting nontoxic beauty and health remedies shows how concerned you are about that special someone’s health and well-being. Read my review and then use my coupon code to save even more.


Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box small

Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box subscription helps cut down costs when you break it down while being convenient.


Catherine Jinn–One other company that won’t disappoint your expectations for a better complexion is from Korean brand, Catherine Jinn. One favorite is their Pro Bio-Placenta Essence that anyone would love to find in their holiday stocking. Check it out and then be sure to buy.

To get even more beauty power out her anti-aging essence, I suggest picking up a bottle of Catherine Jinn Apple Stem Cell Serum. Read my review of how this serum can boost skin care benefits. Then be sure to shop!


Catherine Jinn Stem Cell Swiss Apple Serum Small

This clear serum contains powerful skin help to speed up the effects of your anti-aging product.

Catherine Jinn Pro Bio-Placenta Essence small

This clear serum is non-greasy, but lubricates the skin while helping to improve its appearance.

MissLook–An easy way to delight a woman is gifting her with some stunning clothes to keep her looking great. With MissLook, you get the trendy styles she wants at very reasonable prices. Read my review of their gorgeous tops because you’ll want to shop there.

MissLook Burgundy Cold Shoulder Small Front

If you haven’t become acquainted with MissLook clothing yet like this Cold Shoulder Top, I strongly encourage you to seek them out. Thank me later!


Seriously FAB–An ideal holiday stocking stuff gift is Zinc It Over Sunscreen Facial Mist to apply over makeup. Read my review of this botanical formula because it is a healthy way to preserve beauty. Then head to Seriously FAB to buy!

Seriously FAB Zinc It Over Sunscreen small

Save 10% off your Seriously FAB purchase using MARY10 coupon code at checkout!

Love With Food–What could be more thoughtful than gifting those on your holiday shopping list with healthy snack options? Read my review of this food subscription box and then why not order?  Now is a great time to take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

Love With Food Deluxe Box small

Love With Food Deluxe Box makes you feel better about snacking, especially when you are trying to eat healthy or watching your diet.


Cool-jams–A truly thoughtful gift is sleepwear, but not just any can pass the sweating test for all night comfort like what you can expect from Cool-jams wicking sleepwear. Read my review of their Hoodie 2-Piece Lounge Set and then visit their website to shop!

Cool-jams hoodie 2-piece lounge set

Women and men would welcome a Cool-jams gift.


Forever Flawless–Pamper that special someone with luxury skin care from Forever Flawless to keep her looking like the star you think she is. Read my review of Your Everyday Beauty System & Travel Essentials Kit and then be sure to shop!


Forever Flawless Your Everyday Beauty System & Travel Essentials smaller

The Forever Flawless kit is the perfect opportunity to discover how these diamond-infused skin care products work together for your beauty benefit.

To make sure that beauty’s eyes stay flawless, treat them to Forever Flawless Blue Diamond Eye Care to gently treat the delicate skin of the eye area. Read my review because this set would also make a fabulous holiday gift.

Forever Flawless Blue Diamond Infused Eye Care Set Small

The Blue Diamond Eye Care products compliment each other and maximize results when used together.

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