Gift Guide 2021

Holiday Gift Guide 2021


Rituals – Pampering self-care to help that gift recipient unwind was never easier with Rituals 3D Advent Calendar that has 24 individuals gifts housed in a festive holiday village. Read my review to find out why their product inspired by ancient Asian cultures may just solve some of your gift buying problems and then visit the company’s website to buy.

Rituals Advent Calendar Gifts

Kimtrue Laboratories – If you’re searching for new hair care products that can revive the look of hair through great ingredients and topnotch formulas to make holiday beauty happen for yourself or those on your list, read my review. Then head to the company’s website to buy.

Kimtrue Hair Care Products

Splendid Spoon – A gift that everyone on your gift list would welcome is high-protein vegetarian food from this home meal delivery service. What they produce is nutritious and utterly delicious. Read my review and then I urge you to visit the company’s website and give them a try.

High Protein Vegetarian Meals from Splendid Spoon

Soups make a great light meal on chilly days for gifting loved ones. Read my review of Splendid Spoon’s new light soups because healthy never tasted better. Then head to the company’s website to order.

Light Soups Splendid Spoon

Floral Street – Fragrance can change a mood and serve as a beautiful accessory to whatever you wear like the wonderful vegan fragrances from Floral Street. Read my review of their new Sunflower Pop perfume that can brighten a day for any fragrance lover, then head to the company’s website to buy.

Floral Street Sunflower Pop Perfume

Another of their perfumes that can take the chill away from any cold day and replace it with breezy white flowers and ocean warmth is their Electric Rhubarb EDP. Read my review and then add this scent to your shopping cart when visiting the company’s website.

 Rhubarb Perfume by Floral Street

A sexy gourmand perfume that Floral Street makes is Ylang Ylang Espresso. Read my review and then I highly recommend stopping at their website and trying this one.

Floral Street Ylang Ylang Espresso

A gorgeous fruity-floral with a different fruity twist and delectable gourmand sweetness is Wonderful Peony. Review my review and then head to the company’s website to explore all different forms to buy.

Wonderful Peony Floral Street

Zodiac Girl Coffee – Unique coffee makes a sensational gift, especially when combined with astrology to send those special people that can match their personalities with gifts from Zodiac Girl Coffee. Read my review of their Coffee Gift Set and then head to their website to buy.

Zodiac Coffee GIFT SET 2

Their Judge Blend is my favorite, but I also enjoyed the Phoenix coffee. The Judge is a medium to dark roast with cocoa, fruits and nuts that make you savor every drop. Read my review to distinguish between the two because you might want to add both to your shopping cart as well.

f Best Coffee from Zodiac Girl

Two other top contenders that won my heart from Zodiac Girl Coffee are their New Moon Blend and Aries coffees. Read my review and then visit the company’s website to buy by the bag or a gift set!

Warrior Coffee

Aster Skincare – Why not give the gift of healthy skin to those longing for beautiful skin on your gift list? Read my review of their pure organic skin care products and then stop at their company’s website on Cratejoy to buy.  Your skin will thank you!


Butcher Box – One gift that you can never go wrong with is food, especially my favorite meat delivery service that specializes in quality cuts of grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught seafood and humanely raised pork cuts. Learn more here and then visit the company’s website to order!

ButcherBox Box


Fuego Box – Edible gifts never seem to disappoint. A hot sauce subscription like Fuego Box delivers not only many ways to pump up flavor, but also has health benefits from the active ingredient within pepper of Casaicin. Read my review and then visit the company’s website to order.

Fuego Box Oct 2021 small

Autonomous – A perfect gift for those working at a computer is an ergonomic chair for beneficial support. Read my review of the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+ because it has a variety of support adjustments and a striking design. Take advantage of my discount code and then head to the company’s website to buy.

 ErgoChair Pro+ Back Better


Vitabath – Buying for men can be challenging, but wonderful bath and body products such as the ones I reviewed from Vitabath are always a good choice. Read and then head to the company’s website or Amazon to shop for this collection.

Holiday Gifts for Men Vitabath Mens skincare


Let’s not forget the special ladies in your life that could use some sweet pampering. Read my review of Vitabath’s delectable smelling holiday gift sets for her and then stop at their website to shop.

Holiday Gifts for Women by Vitabath

Lexli Skin Care – What lucky person on your gift list wouldn’t love to have better skin? Read my review of winter dry skin aloe-based products that can heal and revive aging complexions. Then head to the company’ s website to buy.

Winter Dry Skin Lexli Skincare

A healthier complexion is everyone’s dream. The Lexli Basic Essentials Sampler is a great way to test their aloe-based products to see what works best for your skin’s needs. Read my review and then head to their website.

Skin Care Kit Sampler

Galen Leather Company – A handcrafted leather tote bag is a gift any woman would love to complete her look. Yet, one blending style, function and durability from Galen Leather make it more impressive. Read my review and then head to the company’s website to buy.  Their bags are gorgeous and offer years of ageless beauty.

Galen Leather Better Holding Green Bag Small


Tesalate – Those swimming lovers and beachgoers would love a better beach towel such as the one from Tesalte. Read my review of this faster drying towel and then head to the company’s website to buy.

Tesalate Beach Towel

Coco and Eve – Those seeking a complete hair treatment for a spa like experience to end dry, damaged hair could benefit from That’s a Wrap Hair Bundle. Read my review, use my BCK coupon code and then head to the company’s website to buy.

Coco and Eve Hair Bundle Small