Gift Guide 2022

Gift Guide 2022

Welcome to Beauty Cooks Kisses Holiday Gift Guide 2022. This is where all the best holiday gifts can be found. So spend some time browsing.  Then spread some joy and shop!

Autonomous – If you’re searching for a new computer desk for someone on your gift list, then a standing desk can be a healthier option. Read my review of their SmartDesk Connect and then visit their website to buy.  Save 4% using my coupon code of 21MARY at checkout. This deal is good now until 12/31/2022!


Okaysou – Gifting someone a healthier way to still enjoy fried foods is cooking in an air fryer. Read my review of their Smart Control Air Fryer and then visit their website or Amazon
to shop.


Floral Street – If you’re searching for the perfect fragrance and want to find one that will delight your senses without risking your health to toxic chemicals, then Floral Street is the place to go. Read my review of my favorite, Chypre Sublime EDP and then be sure to shop!

Floral Street Chypre_Sublime_50ml_with_Sleeve

Why limiting yourself or those fragrance lovers just to exquisite perfumes from Floral Street? Read my review of Vanilla Bloom scented candle and diffuser because they are the best home fragrance products worth receiving and giving! Check these products and then visit their website to buy.

Vanilla Bloom Floral Street candle and packaging

Vanilla Bloom Floral Street diffuser with packaging

Another idea for fragrance lovers is a holiday perfume gift set such as Floral Street’s Wonderland Peony Limited set. Read my review and then check this enchanting fruity-floral vegan perfume set out at the company’s website.


If you’re searching for a unisex perfume gift set, read my review of Floral Street’s Arizona Bloom that has an arid sweetness in this dry amber floral fragrance that is quite special. Then head to the company’s website to buy while this limited edition gift set is still available!

Floral Street Perfume Arizona_Bloom_10ml_50ml_gift_set_Small

For anyone seeking a cozy, woody vanilla perfume gift that has so many beautiful dimensions to it should read my review of Floral Street’s Wild Vanilla Orchid perfume gift set. Then visit the company’s website and buy this one, another of my top favorites!


Ylang Ylang Espresso is a gourmand perfume that is unique and hardly the “foodie” scent that you might expect with a level of sophistication and amazing beauty to its composition. Read my review and then visit Floral Street’s website to buy.


If you’re shopping for a floral fragrance lover and are searching for a memorable powdery iris perfume that is unique in how it cloaks you in beauty need Floral Street’s Iris Goddess perfume. Read my review and then head to the company’s website to buy. Iris_Goddess_50ml Perfume

ButcherBox – One gift that everyone can use is a gift of quality meats, especially from my favorite meat delivery service that specializes in the best cuts of grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught seafood, and humanely raised pork cuts. Learn more here and about how disgusting our meat supply is, then visit the company’s website to order and please go through my link. I am a #ButcherBoxPartner, but I truly only eat their meats or go meatless after reading what big farm operations are sending to our supermarkets.

ButcherBox TurkeyPromo2

Kula Project – Give a delicious coffee gift that everyone will love while doing something good for others. Read my review of this nonprofit organization’s praiseworthy mission of helping women in Rwanda learn how to support themselves through coffee growing and their Together Holiday Bundle. Then visit their website and buy!

Kula Project Coffee Gift

Spiffy Socks – Comfortable socks that are cozy, fun and help feet stay drier would please anyone, especially if they came through a Spiffy socks subscription. Read my review and visit their website to shop.

Spiffy Socks October 2022

Fuego Box – Why not give a hot sauce subscription gift that can add extra zip to the flavor of foods while helping to strengthen immunity and speed up the metabolism? Read my review of Fuego Box, then visit their website to buy.

Hot Pepper Sauce

Mama’s Great – Cooking lovers know how important a variety of knives are. Read my review of Mama’s Great 12-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Bamboo Drawer Organizer Insert, then visit the company’s Amazon store to buy.

Typology – Beauty lovers would really rejoice receiving makeup that also treats the skin to improve beauty as it irons out flaws. Read my review of their tinted skincare and then make sure to visit the company’s website to buy!

Why not gift that someone special with vegan skincare that can best help skin to thrive? Read my review of just some Typology skincare products that really worked for my complexion. Then visit the company’s website to buy.

Lexli Skincare – Those with sensitive skin as well as other skin concerns would benefit from organic pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera for healing and inflammation. Read my review of the Lexli Icon Gift Kit and then head to their website to buy while this holiday skincare gift set is available.

holiday skincare gift set

Kencko – If you’re trying to boost the amount of nutrition you get, then Kencko powdered smoothies and plant-based bowls could help to make a great gift. Read my review and then head to the company’s website to buy.

Grooming Lounge – If you want to do something wonderful for the man or men in your life, then introduce them to great skin care products from Grooming Lounge that can get him started on the road to better skin. Read my review and then head to the company’s website to buy.

Some mens fragrances can often be too overpowering if you ask a woman. Two great bets of mens fragrances are Handsome Devil and Magnificient Bastard from Grooming Lounge. Read my review and then head to the company’s website to buy.