How to Use Night Cream for the Best Results


night cream
As important as ingredients are, it is just as vital to a beautiful complexion knowing the right amount needed to properly nourish the skin.



Most of us don’t bother thinking how much night cream that we apply.  All we do is to stick our finger in that jar or pump out some in our hand and blindly pat and work the product into our skin.  Yet, what we are doing could be harming our skin more than it could be helping our complexion–-that is, if we are using too much.

You may believe more night cream is better, but you would be wrong.  Instead of feeding your skin with the nourishment it needs from those expensive ingredients what you are actually doing is stuffing the pores with so much that the products ends up sitting on the surface only to clog or irritate pores.

The best course of action is understanding the correct amount, which is one-fourth of a teaspoon.  If you’re not sure of what one-fourth teaspoon would look like then an easy solution is to go into your spoon drawer and pull out your measuring spoons.  Once you fill that one-fourth spoon with your night cream, you’ll become more acquainted with what the amount of cream should look like.

After applying that recommended amount, you should have enough night cream to cover your entire face and even your neck.  However, if you run out before finishing, then you are piling the product in too heavily.   The next time, you might want to try dabbing a few well- placed dots over the areas first before working the cream in.  You will get better and more even distribution.

For those that might be using a richer cream for the neck area as I suggested earlier since the skin is more fragile, you need to make an adjustment and use one-eight of a teaspoon of night cream when doing your face and another one-eight teaspoon of neck cream.

Do your skin this small favor and wait to see how much more beautiful your complexion will look.  Just as beautiful is the money that you will also save by needing to buy that expensive jar or bottle not as often as before.



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  1. burgerlady
    August 31, 2015 / 9:39 pm

    I had no idea that using too much would make my creams ineffective. Thanks for the tips!

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