How to Get More Sexy Effects From ONE Eye Shadow!


eye shadow colors
You can easily amplify your beauty and get multiple looks from  practically any color with this little tip.


With all the beautiful eye shadows out there, it is hard to resist those tempting shades of shimmering, metallic, or matte colors.  After all, the pigments we chose can dress our eyes as magnificently as fine jewels when the right products are in our hands. However, you don’t necessarily need tons of different shades or palettes to pull off several looks.  Instead, you can still create quite a few gorgeous effects with one eye shadow–-only by changing the application and the brushes you use.   With what I’m going to show you, you will be able to get more sexy effects from one eye shadow to save money without sacrificing your beauty.

For example, if you want a soft, daytime look, then take a dry, fluffy long-bristled eye shadow brush and dust the eye shadow from your lashes to the creases, blending until the pigment is practically sheer as you work your way further up on the eye.

Of course, you could want a more dramatic eye for nights using that one cosmetic. All you need to make that happen is to slightly dampen your brush before swiping over your eye shadow.  You’ll get stronger, bolder color since a bit of water intensifies the pigment to get more sexy effects from one eye shadow.

With the help of a shorter-bristled eye shadow brush that has some stiffness to the bristles, you can even do more with the one eye shadow.  This type of brush, using some of that moistened shadow, gives you that needed control for lining the eyes and providing the definition you want.

Just altering your makeup brushes and technique while using one eye shadow can help you get more beauty bang for your buck.


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