A Slow-Moving Zipper Calls for This Easy Zipper Fix!

A Slow-Moving Zipper Calls for This Easy Zipper Fix!
This quick tip will save you time and frustration to solve that problem.


I’m sure that you experienced the problem when your zipper doesn’t work well and becomes hard to pull up. The way that I see it is you have two options available.  You can either replace the zipper, if you are handy with needle and thread or try this simple zipper fix that a professional seamstress shared with my mother years ago.

You don’t need any special talent or tools for this zipper fix.  However, you will need something else that I’m sure that have around your house–-a simple candle.

All you do is to rub the end of the candle against the metal runners on both sides of the zipper.  You will see that once you attempt to zip up now that the wax that you left will do the trick for easy gliding of that zipper!

As to that problem of the zipper locking that slowly comes undone, I have a different trick that works quite well. Here’s what you do. Zip up that item first. Then I want you to take your hair spray and spritz the closure. After you sprayed enough, unzip that piece and slowly zip it back again so it can set. I know this one sounds strange, but it is a wonderful way to save yourself from the need to replace a zipper or ditch the item.

The next time this happens, I hope that you try this easy zipper fix tip and save yourself frustration and not to mention all that waste of time struggling when the zipper refuses to budge.  You will be amazed at how wonderfully this fix works.



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