A DIY Cinnamon Room Freshener for Vaccuuming

A DIY Cinnamon Room Freshener When Vaccuuming Family Room Pixabay image
You’ll love that delicious bakery aroma that will linger in your carpeting.


What can be more inviting than the scent of something delicious baking in your oven like apple pie when it wafts through the house?  Imagine treating your senses to that aroma of cinnamon as you run your vacuum cleaner over your carpeting as its scent permeates through the air. Therefore, let you share a cleaning tip that will help you turn the drudgery of vacuuming into something that will be more of a joy for you and your home with this DIY Cinnamon Room Freshener.

To make this simple DIY Cinnamon Room Freshener, what I suggest that you need to try is buying a bottle of cinnamon oil to add a drop or two to your vacuum cleaner’s bag.  This will infuse the carpeting with such a yummy cinnamon aroma that will linger.

vacuum cleaner image
Vacuuming can be more pleasant using this tip.

You might be confused because there are two types with the cinnamon leaf oil and the cinnamon bark oil. The bark version is more expensive and the most potent one due to its heavy cinnamaldehyde content (the substance that gives it that characteristic cinnamon scent) with nearly 75% compared to the leaf variety that may be just a fraction of cinnamaldehyde with about 10%.

The cheaper cinnamon leaf oil typically sells for around $6 while the bark oil version runs about $22.

The cinnamon bark oil is the one that you might want to try if you have a lot of problems with muscle aches and pains with how it can heat the sore area up and relieve inflammation.   However, never apply it directly without mixing it with a carrier oil first or you risk developing a severe allergy.

Also, a drop of cinnamon bark oil in a beverage like tea or juice is said to also aid the immune system, fight off viruses and even help circulation.  I do advise checking with your physician first to see if this would be a benefit for you or possibly conflict with any medications that you may be on.

The next time you shop, I hope you remember to look out for cinnamon oil because it really freshens your rooms with a lasting bakery scent that you’ll love.



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  1. Julie Waldron
    June 30, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    I've put different oils in my vacuum sweepers filter and it works great. I will have to try the cinnamon.

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