Majesty Diamonds Green Peridot Gemstone Necklace Review


Majesty Diamonds Green Peridot Gemstone Necklace
You’ll love the quality and how fast this company ships!


I do love exquisite jewelry. Therefore, I was tickled pink when Majesty Diamonds reached out because their stunning pieces already were calling to me once I started to browse. Let me tell you, it was a hard decision trying to decide, which beautiful piece called to me the most.  They seem to have it all from fabulous diamond jewelry with gorgeous engagement and wedding ring sets that can send a heart fluttering such as their elegant designs whether it’s a classic solitaire, a striking three stone ring or one of their statement making black diamonds.

Of course, every woman deserves at least one of their other timeless diamond creations like a showstopper cocktail ring, enviable diamond necklace, precious diamond studs, perhaps, or a sensational diamond and gemstone bracelet that she might never want to take off.  I just owed it to myself to explore this section further when the opportunity arises and I could drop some hints about that gift I’d like.

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Majesty Diamonds Tanzanite and diamond halo cocktail ring
Wouldn’t you love this tanzanite and diamond halo cocktail ring on your finger?


Then again, this Canadian jewelry company has just as magnificent gemstone or pearl creations that also can leave me breathless.  From rows of gleaming pearls to adorn wrists to perfection with their creamy pink and pale blue luster in one of their bracelets to the simplicity of delicate threading that adds another dimension to a precious single pearl or colorful gemstone in a necklace, bracelet or earrings also is an enticing prospect that should not be missed.

Majesty Diamonds silver and ruby bracelet
Look at this bewitching silver and ruby bracelet that keeps whispering buy me.


For instance, I finally narrowed my choice down to a 2-1/5 ctw oval cut Majesty Diamonds green peridot gemstone necklace, suspended in all its glory from a fine sterling silver chain.  To me, I wanted only the gemstone to be the star of the piece, without any supporting cast of smaller diamonds or stones overshadowing its singular beauty. From its position around my neck, I wanted all eyes focused on the way that green stone caught the light with every movement, which it certainly did to my utter joy.

My new Majesty Diamonds green peridot gemstone necklace is truly beautiful and shows quality of workmanship from the setting to the cut.  I can only imagine how much lovelier for this piece to have companionship with a matching peridot bracelet or ring in my jewelry box.

modeling Majesty Diamonds peridot necklace
Here I am wearing my new treasure.


Seriously though, I could spend all day lingering at Majesty Diamonds website, gazing with longing at each piece.  I know that I will be back because the holiday shopping season is coming up, not to mention a few birthdays that could solve any gift buying dilemma.

If you haven’t been to their website and are considering fine jewelry, then check out what Majesty Diamonds green peridot gemstone necklace and the rest they have to offer because I’m confident they’ll have something you’ll want or can custom craft just for you!


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