Cooking Tips That Can Simplify Your Life and Effort

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Over the years, I have picked up various cooking tips that have helped simplify cooking for making the whole process easier. Therefore, I thought that you also would be interested in discovering what tips and tricks have made a difference to save time and effort in the kitchen.

The first one that I want to share with you is if you have a frying pan without the same size of a lid. If you intend to fry something that may splatter grease, you would be out of luck. However, you can always turn a metal colander upside down over the skillet if it is about the same size. This often works out well because the steam escapes through the holes of the colander while keeping the grease from splattering all over.

I love to make popcorn. I’m not referring to the variety in bags for the microwave, but using kernels. What I like to do is keep the kernels not in a pantry as you might expect, but in the freezer. This is a way for the kernels to have a better chance to pop more instead of all the duds that you often find after popping.

Speaking of popcorn just like dry beans, I always like to sort them to inspect for small pebbles that could be hiding. Otherwise, you could risk breaking a tooth from a surprise in your popcorn. I take a large lid where I can spread them out and then pour the sorted ones that pass into other containers.

Did you know that lettuce leaves absorb fat? If you’re making a pot of soup and are in a hurry to eat it the same day, try dropping a lettuce leave in and watch how it sucks up the grease.

Usually, I make it a habit to make a pot of chicken or beef soup and then refrigerate it until the next day. I can easily skim off the grease to avoid artery-clogging grease more efficiently just by refrigerating it first. This is another of these cooking tips that was recommended by my grandmother’s doctor when we had to watch her diet to lower cholesterol.

I used to love growing tomatoes, but my yard has now become a salad bar to deer and the rest of our local wildlife. I even tried growing tomatoes in giant pots near my back door, but the bold beasts find them anyway. If you don’t have such a problem and want to prevent tomato worms on your tomato plants, try planting some dill near the tomatoes. This helps with those tomato worms, but not so much with the deer.

Have you ever tried to finish ripening tomatoes on your window sill thinking this will speed them along to maturity? The only thing this does is softening the tomatoes. To ripen them, here is what will work better. You want to leave the tomatoes with the stem up in a spot where no direct sunlight will hit them. Direct sunlight on picked tomatoes is not their friend.

Something else that you are not going to believe is how to get more time out of cottage cheese. What I found that will help to extend the life of cottage cheese is storing the container upside down. This may sound strange, but it does help it last a bit longer in the refrigerator.

Another of these cooking hints that may surprise you is how to prevent cabbage from smelling up your kitchen. Try putting a heel of bread on top of the cabbage before putting the lid on your pot before cooking helps cut down that offensive odor. Don’t worry about the bread ruining your vegetables because it just acts as a sponge. Just remember to remove it after the cabbage cooks. This handy trick also works for broccoli and brusssel sprouts.

These are just a few of my other beneficial cooking tips that can save time and energy in the kitchen. You also might want to read more of my favorite kitchen tips, vegetable prep tips, baking hacks, and timesaving meal prep ideas.

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