CUTCO Cutlery AMERICAN MADE Santoku-Style Cook’s Combo Set Review


CUTCO Santoku-Style Cook's Combo knives
Santoku-Style Cook’s Combo knives


I don’t know about you, but I am tired of poor quality Chinese products that are expensive and need replacing more often than the American made.  However, CUTCO Cutlery is proud to continue their tradition of American-made excellence since 1949.   As you can imagine, I was delighted to work with this company on this review and giveaway of their Santoku-Style Cook’s Combo Knife Set.

As you all know, I do a lot of cooking.  In the process, I have tried plenty of different types of knives.  Like most people, I usually had my favorite for chopping vegetables and another for meats.   Those two knives were the best for chopping in my house–that is until my CUTCO Santoku-Style Cook’s Combo Set arrived!

I love how easily these knives glide through vegetables and meats to simplify cooking.  Their special step treating process to heat, treat, deep freeze, and then oven temper the high-carbon stainless steel blades ensure this top performance and durability for each of their innovative Double-D edge or straight edge blades.  Besides, their handles are comfortable to hold while being triple riveted and built to last.

handles of Santoku-Style Cook's Combo knives.jpeg
Check out the handles of these knives.

Unlike other serrated-edged knives, the CUTCO Double-D edge knife is the smaller one shown, the Santoku Trimmer, cut and trimmed meats cleaner without ripping up tissue.
Furthermore, you can have this knife factory sharpened unlike other serrated-edge knives.

The bigger knife in this combo is the large Santoku 7-inch smooth-edged blade.  With this razor-sharp knife, I breezed through chopping vegetables in no time.

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Honestly, you can get out of the kitchen quicker if you only have the right tools like this CUTCO Santoku-Style Combo Set.  Now that I am spoiled and will never go back to my old knives.  I will  pack them in my container for the next time I want to sell some things at the flea market.

What really impressed me about CUTCO’s knives is that each comes with a Forever Guarantee, that includes free lifetime sharpening and a 15-day money back guarantee. The CUTCO Santoku-Style Cook’s Combo Set retails for $158 in the United States and $202 in Canada.

Purchase CUTCO knives exclusively from independent sales consultants here.  The company also offers a gift registry service as well.


CUTCO Cutlery AMERICAN MADE Santoku-Style Cook's Combo Set
This is a beautiful set of knives.





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    I would love to try one of their Chef Knives. Either one looks like it would help a great deal with prepping for dinner.

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