Regain a More Youthful Appearance–Markastore’s Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid Ampules Can Help! (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free
product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own 
opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Markastore's Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid Ampules box.jpeg
Markastore’s Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid Ampules

Markastore is one of the main international
online distributors of Romanian cosmetic products.  When I received their
invitation to pick out a product to review, I had quite a tempting selection
before me.  Nonetheless, their worldwide acclaimed

line was what I was drawn.  I was particularly fascinated with their Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid
a ten-day system to gain a more youthful

Each ampule contains superoxide dismutase and
pure hyaluronic acid for serious skin care help for plumping the tissues and
moisturizing deeply beneath the surface.  Wrinkles and fine lines get
filled in from the inside due to the collagen and elastin fibers from the
superoxide dismutase and plumped to the surface with hyaluronic

opened box showing Markastore's Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid Ampules.jpeg
Markastore’s Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid Ampules, opened

You use only one ampule per day on your freshly
washed face.  Though you can break the glass ampule for morning use or
night, I applied my serum at bedtime.  The contents do take a bit of time
to go through before the ampule is drained.  However, your skin gradually
absorbs the entire amount that you are massaging and tapping in until it
dries.  My skin felt very soft and instantly somewhat firmer. 
Although you can follow with another night or day cream, I didn’t feel the need.

By the morning, I was already seeing an
improvement, which was hard to believe.  The two deepest wrinkles I have on
the sides of my cheeks looked better than I remembered and less noticeable.  My skin was also blossoming with suppleness.

Every ampule I finished brought me more
remarkable results when I examined my face the next morning.  My skin was
flourishing with more firmness, beautiful smoothness, and

At the end, I was astonished at the great strides
the Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid Ampules made to lessen the look of those
deeper wrinkles and that overall striking change.   The two deepest
wrinkles weren’t completely gone, but they definitely filled in against that
velvet texture of my skin.  

For long-term effects, the company suggests doing
this treatment once a month.  The Gerovital Hyaluronic Acid Ampules
retails for $39.99 on the Markastore website.  Do look into this
product along with their fine selection of skin care available because it is a
wonderful help!


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