Layer Your Blush to Give Those Sweet Cheeks the Longest Lasting Flush Ever!

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This beauty knows the secret of how to keep her blush looking fresh and fabulous even through heat and humidity.

Summer’s heat and humidity can make your blush fade if you are not prepared.  However, if you want that cheek color intact all day without disappearing, I have a wonderful makeup tip that makes your blush last and last and look as fresh and beautiful as when you first applied it even if you forget or skip the primer.

Do your makeup as you normally do.  Instead of picking up a cream blush, I suggest start with a powder blush first.  Then, I want you to dust on enough of that flattering shade to give your cheeks that ultimate healthy glow.  Once you do, then dig into your makeup bag and pull out your cream blush.

What you should do next is to dab a bit of that cream blush over top of the powder blush.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t streak once your skillful fingers gently meld the two forms together.

When you finish, you will gain the longest lasting blush ever.  There is also another advantage of this blush technique since it intensifies the sheerer cream color with an added dimension from that the powder blush. 


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