Fuego Box April 2016 Review


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Fuego Box April 2016 


As one that truly adores what a great hot sauce can do to fire up the flavor of foods,  I can tell you that I am smitten with my latest Fuego Box. With all sincerity, I have found some of the most unique blends of hot and spicy pepper sauces due to this particular subscription box that I dare you to find on your own.  As a result, I seem to love each new selection even more than the last.

The Fuego Box April 2016 trio is simply outstanding if you appreciate quality hot sauces from small-batched artisans. The cost is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping or $12.95 for one month with a $5.00 shipping charge for just a box at a time.  Each box also has a descriptive card with ideas for recommended foods and dishes that go well with each sauce that’s included.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Fuego Box April 2016 Pulls No Punches for Explosive Flavor

The first one, Hoardable Cruel & Unusual Punishment, is adeptly named because this ghost pepper-based sauce with organic onions, garlic, carrots and peppers can nearly take your tongue off with instant heat that threatens to combust once in the mouth. I was jolted awake by its zesty flames once sampling some on my morning scrambled eggs.  The initial burn was devilish, but this sauce changed the taste wonderfully once I could feel again.

Char Man Brand Hot Sauce-Verde is a more controlled fire with its roasted thai, serrano, jalapeno and guero chillies that have a sensational lemon spiciness to it that you’ll want to eat this green sauce on practically everything from eggs, sandwiches, dips, vegetables, meat dishes to sauces or whatever your heart desires. I added some to my homemade salad dressing yesterday and it was awesome.

Last of all, I got a bottle of Friendly Fire Tamarind + Ghost sauce, which is the most different hot sauce that I have tasted so far.  This is a milder, sweet, tangy sauce that has tamarinds, chilies, cider vinegar, salt, and something very special–-coffee!  Somehow, the coffee works and is a delight in what it does for intensifying the flavor of foods in a way that you never expect.

Fuego Box April 2016 was an excellent month for artisan hot sauce lovers.  If you’re curious what Fuego Box March 2016 was like to compare, read my review to get my take on that trio.

If you or someone in your family or have friends that are always piling on hot sauce or sprinkling pepper over everything, you need Fuego Box in your life.  This is one of my favorite subscription boxes ever so check them out and flavor up your life because you can’t scour the country finding sauces like these yourself—you need this hot sauce subscription box so they can come to you.



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