How to Rescue Damaged Dry Powder Cosmetics

How to Rescue Damaged Dry Powder Cosmetics eye shadow compact Pixabay image
Accidents can happen at any time.  However, you don’t have to suffer when you know what to do.


Don’t you hate when you pay good money for a cosmetic like a gorgeous new palette of eye shadows that seem to compliment you perfectly, only to drop it?  Though frustrated, you may be tempted to continue just using it in that broken state, dusting the individual pieces the best you can with your brush because parting with it is so hard.  However, I have some tips that will help you out of this situation for rescuing damaged dry powder cosmetics.

If you are determined to keep on using the product (this only applies to dry powders), here’s what you do for rescuing damaged dry powdered cosmetics. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the pieces at where the breaks occur until the area is saturated.  Now take your fingers or a knife and gently press them together. Hold the pieces in place briefly.  Then allow the compact time to dry before using it again.

On the other hand, your palette, new powder blush, bronzing or finishing powder may have crumbled into many smaller pieces.  If so, you can still save what looks hopeless by slightly changing this method for rescuing damaged dry powder cosmetics. What you do is pour some rubbing alcohol over the damaged pieces until thoroughly moistened.  Use your fingers or knife again and tap the wet powder together until the altered powder is smooth.  Let the fix dry completely for the next several hours before using.

Another way to recycle that injured powder is by giving it another use.  Get a clear bottle of nail polish and add the smashed contents to create your own custom nail color.

Hopefully, nothing else will drop from your beautiful hands.  Still, you at least are now prepared to better handle the situation.


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