Lessen Heat Damage By Adjusting Your Hot Iron’s Settings to Hair Texture

beautiful black woman with lots of hair
This beauty doesn’t take chances when it comes to the look of her hair.

If you want to keep your hair healthy and thriving from heat damage, then you need to give some thought to your hot iron’s heat settings before you rush in to straighten or curl.  The right heat for you hair type will also help it to retain moisture and seal the cuticle that brings about that beautiful shine. To save the hair from suffering damage, a simple rule of thumb is to adjust those settings according to your hair’s texture.

Those with fine or thin hair only should use the lowest heat setting available to best protect against heat damage.  Depending on the model of hot iron, this could typically range from about 250-310 degrees.

On the other hand, normal or medium texture of hair should be in the middle range (300-360).

Thick, coarse hair needs more heat to get it to do what you want like 350-410.  Though some hot irons can be turned up as high as 450-degrees, you need to avoid that temptation because it is bad for your hair. In addition, more heat beyond 410 doesn’t mean you’ll get a stronger or longer-lasting curl.  The only thing it does guarantee is damaged hair that is fried to a crisp.

Do keep these heat settings in mind and your hair will be better off for it from chances of heat damage!


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