The Best Teeth-Friendly Foods to Chew on

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We are only born with one set of natural teeth. If we hope to keep them and our gums healthy in our mouths until we die, then it pays to know the best teeth-friendly foods that can help us do just that. Of course, other factors also could come into play such as genetics, physical injuries and diseases that could cause that problem. However, a little knowledge about the best teeth-friendly foods can go a long way to help protect those pearly whites for the long game.

Cheese and related dairy products such as milk and plain yogurt are one of the best teeth-friendly foods to add to your diet. The reason these particular choices can help your cause is twofold. First, cheese products have the ability to cause the mouth to produce more saliva, your mouth’s own natural dental rinse. Secondly, dairy products can strengthen teeth due to their minerals such as calcium and phosphates to rebuild our enamel.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables nourish the body, but also serves to cleanse the system due to all their fiber. At the same time, they also help clean your teeth as well. Think of it this way, the meal that you just ate usually takes about 20 minutes before the sugars and starches left on your teeth begin to break down tooth enamel. Since it takes longer to chew each bite, the fibers in them can help brush your teeth so they have a better chance to benefit from all the saliva that results from that action.

Green and black teas also are among the best teeth-friendly foods you’ll want more of in your life. Their polyphenols are great for fighting bacteria that cause dental plaque. In fact, green and black teas are perfect drinks after meals. Teeth have a stronger chance of avoiding cavities and gum diseases since those components prevent those destructive acids from sugars and starches from thriving on their enamel.

Though milk chocolate may be your favorite type of chocolate, dark chocolate is better for the health of your teeth as well your heart, reducing the risk of diabetes and lowering blood pressure. The reason this particular sweet is one of the best teeth-friendly foods is because it’s lower in sugar than other sugary treats and melts quickly in your mouth. This sounds bad, but it has theobromine, which is an alkaloid that safeguards the mouth from gum disease and tooth decay.

Even though water is not technically a food, it is also on this list of the best teeth-friendly foods. After all, if your mouth is dry from lack of proper hydration, medication such as antihistamines for instance, you won’t have enough saliva to bathe the teeth to reduce bacteria and acids from settling on your teeth.

Here’s a tip about how to tell if your body is starting to become dehydrated. Pinch the skin on the top outer part of your hand. If the skin takes a while to fall back down, then you don’t have enough fluid inside.  This means you need to drink more water.   Doing so is what you need to plump up the tissues again.

These are five of the best teeth-friendly foods that may make the difference between you and dentures!

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