7 Reasons to Love Cuticle Oil for Nails

 Cuticle Oil
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Cuticle oil may not be first on your priority when it comes to beauty products, but it is more important than you think for the look of your nails. If you hope to keep nails healthy and help the appearance of your manicure, then here are just seven reasons to love it.

To begin with, good oil moisturizes dry, brittle nails and the surrounding skin. You may believe that winter temperatures are the only time that it really matters to bother lubricating with a cuticle oil to avoid nail breakage. Unfortunately, there are other factors such as cleaning and strong chemicals in the products our hands come in contact with besides activities such as typing, swimming in chlorine or salt water to sunbathing. For instance, the ingredients in typical nail polish removers such as acetone also can do the same destructive trick for drying out the nails and surrounding skin, not to mention risks to your health. Unless you switch to a non-acetone remover, your nails could pay the price.

Furthermore, your cuticles can become ragged and hard.  This change in that skin could tempt you into biting your nails or cutting the skin, which can lead to infection and scarring. Thus, this great oil can save you from that fate of future hang nails by keeping that area of skin lubricated.

Another of the reasons to love this oil is because it can help the circulation of the nails due to its rich oils such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, etc. that contribute antioxidants and vitamins to stimulate blood flow in the nail bed. Citrus acid is another common ingredient that helps for better absorption to dry the oil more quickly.

Improved blood flow as a result of using such a beneficial oil can also help stubborn nails grow faster. The ingredients in the oil can feed the nail the healthy nutrients it needs to thrive.

Still, another of these reasons to love this nourishing oil is how it protects the nails. Every time you hydrate unpolished nails with cuticle oil, you are giving your nails a protective barrier from bacteria while beautifying their appearance with nice sheen. When you use nail lacquer, adding a drop of it after you finish polishing helps shield the nails longer from the likelihood of smudging.

In between manicures, you can also find this oil valuable for shining up polished nails and hiding little flaws.  This contribution can only add to the beauty of your hands.

If you’re a fan of French manicures, here is yet another of the reasons to love nail oil for what it can do for how that effect turns out. Rubbing a little oil in the nail bed lubricates the skin ideally to lay down a white nail pencil to run along that area and the edges of the nails for a cleaner look.

Cuticle oil may not be as glamourous as other beauty products, but it is essential for healthy nails and cuticles. With this mind, you may want to try a great homemade strengthening nail soak I use as well as read my earlier post on nail tips and how to restore fragile nails.


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