Effects of Sugar on Skin You’ll Want to Know

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Most of us have a love affair with sugar especially during the holiday season. After all, it is delicious indulging our sweet tooths with delectable cookies, cakes, pies, candies, and all other desserts that tempt us since it also has been proven to be addictive. However, the effects of sugar on the skin are not exactly beneficial to beauty or the waistline. This is why you want to be aware of exactly what role sugar plays for the health of your skin.

The reason sugar is not beauty friendly for the health of your skin is because it causes inflammation throughout your system due to how the glucose molecules raise insulin levels. In return, the skin responds in a negative way from becoming more sensitive and dull. As the blood sugar spike, the glucose molecules also work to speed up the aging of the skin.

Those effects of sugar for beauty are bad enough, but there also can be different sorts of problems that your complexion may experience. You could find the inflammation has suddenly caused your skin to break out, become more oily or find your acne could have worsened. This unwanted result can happen because the sugar weakened your immune system that should be fighting bacteria. Instead, the inflammation is destroying the skin’s collagen and not defending it normally from bacteria. Due to this response, the bacteria can linger to remain in the pores to cause those fresh or worsened skin eruptions.

Still, others could find the consequences of sugar on the skin causing other skin conditions to act up such as their eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. The inflammation could possibly cause blood vessel malfunctions to the point of unduly stressing the skin to flush more in the case of rosacea for instance.

Another of these repercussions of sugar on the skin is your pores can enlarge. The reason is again attributed to inflammation since the sugar causes a spike in testosterone. This male hormone is what does cause the surge in sebum for more oil to the skin, which also can become rougher.

I am not trying to take the joy out of sugar. On the contrary, I intend to bake holiday cookies and still enjoy my sugar-related treats. I am just saying to be more careful of how much sugar you eat due to those negative effects of sugar on the skin, which can adversely affect some skins more than others for a variety of reasons.

Some more prone to bad skin from excess sugar can also be explained due to heredity, diet, sleep, stress, environmental factors to how the skin is normally cared for. If you notice your skin reacts soon after overloading on sugar, try cutting back the sugar. Observe what your skin looks like. You may want to adjust how much sugar you consume more. You might find more improvement than you imagined from the effects of sugar, the sweet enemy of skin, just by a few simple changes.


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  1. gala
    November 22, 2020 / 7:00 am

    very interesting, but it’s so difficult to drop sugar from my “diet”

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