Must Have Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Easier

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets
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Having the right tools can always make whatever you’re building from projects for the home, crafts to cooking so much easier. If there is a way to help me do something better in the kitchen that will save time and get me out of there sooner, I am one happy woman. For this reason, here are my favorite must have kitchen gadgets that are worth owning and save time.

The first must have of these kitchen tools is having a food processor. You don’t know how much I rely on mine. I have a larger one that I use for chopping vegetables, making bread dough, breadcrumbs, grating cheeses, pureeing beans or vegetables for spread, soups, dips, patties, etc. I have a little size model for tackling small needs. Having this one gadget really helps speed up cooking prep more than chopping or doing the same chores I need strictly by hand.

A garlic press should be in everyone’s home. I use a heavy can or glass to crush unpeeled garlic in order for the skins just to slide off. When I want to maximize garlic flavor, I pull out my garlic press to squeeze all the flavor it possesses within for my recipe. You can’t get that strength from just dicing garlic.

A wire whisk is another of these must have kitchen gizmos that I use frequently instead of pulling out my electric mixer for simple prep such as making puddings, sauces, scrambled eggs, etc. I prefer a thin handle over a thicker middle and more expensive whisk for increasing comfort for a small wrist and speed of whipping. Of course, you may try using a fork, but it doesn’t incorporate your ingredients in the same desirable way like a whisk.

A fat skimmer is wonderful to own. In the past, I used to store fat from roasting turkey or chicken in the refrigerator first before taking it out the next day to skim it off for health. However, a fat skimmer saves you that trouble by separating the pan juices of cooked poultry and meats for you.

An electric coffee grinder is another of my top must have kitchen tools for two reasons. I have two of these. I grind whole coffee beans as well as further refine ground coffee for a finer ground that has more flavor. You will be surprised at how better ground coffee grinds can be freshening them up once that you do. Also, you seem to stretch ground coffee even more when you take out those freshly ground spoons for brewing a pot.

My second electric coffee grinder is one reserved for grinding fresh herbs from my garden. I dry them in my oven first before processing them in this second coffee grinder for a powder consistency.

I used to have an electric dehydrator for drying my herbs, but I actually sold it at the flea market since it took up more space than I had room. Furthermore, drying fresh herbs on cookie sheets in your oven while it is still hot after you removed your dinner did the same thing.

An ice cream scoop with a pressure release handle is another of my must have kitchen devices. I have a large regular size and a smaller one. Besides scooping ice cream and melon balls, I love making cookies with these.

Something else that I can’t live without as far as kitchen equipment goes is a Teflon brush. This type of bristle doesn’t shed over what you’re making such as cinnamon rolls like a pastry brush tends to do.

Kitchen shears are also handy for so many kitchen jobs. I found this is one of the best kitchen gadgets that also save time cutting through things that knives often can’t accomplish easily. You can zip through cutting a whole chicken apart, trimming pasty crust to measuring out wax paper to line layer cake pans are just some simple kitchen chores kitchen shears out perform knives.

Every one needs a great nonstick frying pan. I found one at Kohls a few years back and still use it almost every day for frying eggs, pancakes to onions with hardly any oil or butter. My eggs never stick or cause me grief like in the days I used a regular frying pan.

Besides my food processor, I also rely a lot of my blender as another of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Using a blender is easier to pour out smoothies and some sauces in my opinion than attempting making those in my food processor.

A microwave oven is also one of the best kitchen gadgets ever. I don’t really cook food from scratch in mine, but use it more for reheating. I did buy a large size once to accommodate bigger casserole dishes, but preferred the simplicity and smaller size microwave in my kitchen for this purpose.

Having the right tools can simplify chores. What I shared with you here are my favorite must have kitchen gadgets that are worth owning to save time.


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