Healing House Plants Can Better Life and Home

Healing House Plant Lavender
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Joyce Toh

Indoor house plants can be attractive and add to your indoor living space, but certain ones also are ideal for healing. Even if you don’t possess a green thumb, the healing house plants that I am about to share with you are also fairly easy to grow and care for while bettering your life at the same time.

The first of these healing house plants that you should try keeping around is an aloe vera. The reason this one is handy is because of its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera also has beneficial antioxidants for keeping skin soft, beautiful and moisturized. All you need to do is break off a leaf to take advantage of its healing gel for burns, wounds and rashes.

The only problem with using an aloe vera directly from the plant is that it can irritate some people like myself. Therefore, you might want testing a small amount of that gel first before fully treating. However, commercial aloe vera gel is what I use now with aloe listed as the first ingredient.

Lavender is another of these beneficial house plants that I highly recommend. Inhaling its herbal scent helps calm, assist with better sleep and provide a pleasant relaxing fragrance. It also is quite lovely for your decor with its purple flowers against the green leaves.

Besides health benefits, what else I love about lavender is how it can protect clothing from moths. What I do is dry some to make sachets to stick in my pillowcase, the drawer with woolens or lingerie. You can also dangle a sachet in your closet, which I also do for extra protection and adding that lovely aromatic scent.

Did you know that trimming the blooms help more lavender to grow? Don’t be afraid that once you cut that you’ll be stunting its growth. Lavender plants love getting a cut.

Daisies are great, especially the Gerba variety as another of these outstanding therapeutic house plants for cleaning the air the best of all types. In fact, Gerba daisies have been studied to get rid of nearly all formaldehyde and benzene that may be present in your home. If that is not enough reason to love them, they come in many different bright colors from vibrant yellows, pinks and takes of orange that can help make your rooms pop.

Other house plants offer natural allergy relief that also can improve your indoor air quality such as chrysanthemum, spider plants, and English ivy.

Though this is far from all the house plants that can better your life, these happen to be my favorites and ones I found the most helpful.


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