Unlock the Power of Rubbing Alcohol: Genius Hacks for Cleaning and Beauty

Rubbing Alcohol

Most households have a bottle of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on hand for disinfecting. However, there are a variety of other uses that it also has that can solve some frustrating household cleaning and beauty tasks better than you might imagine. If you’re curious and want to learn more, here are some of my favorite rubbing alcohol hacks that I found work and also can save you money.

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Cleaning Hacks with Rubbing Alcohol

Clean Scented Candles – I love scented candles, but they can collect dust that hampers the amount of their gorgeous fragrance they can release. What I do is apply some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and gently dab the candle’s surface to remove it. Afterwards, the refreshed scented candle returns to its former glory like new.

Grease Remover – Spray some rubbing alcohol and grab a clean cloth and wipe away any grease that splattered on your stove top or backsplash works like a charm.

Buffing Stainless Steel and Chrome – From water spots in your sink to fingerprints on your refrigerator, a quick spray of rubbing alcohol to that stainless steel or chrome and wiping it away ends the problem and helps restore the shine.

Clean Your Car’s Wiper Blades – Dirty wiper blades distract the line of your windshield’s vision, but wiping away that grime with rubbing alcohol makes a big difference.

Clean Thermal Paste off CPU – Take a cotton swab and dab a little rubbing alcohol on that thermal paste helps to remove it to solve that messy problem. However, only use 90% strength or stronger (99%) isopropyl alcohol on your circuit board.

Computer Keyboard Cleaner – Using a cotton swab around the keys of your computer’s keyboard lifts the dust easily.

Computer Mouse Cleaner – Clean the feet of your computer’s mouse by applying a small bit of rubbing alcohol to them is another of these hacks I use often.

Ink Stain Remover – Ballpoint pen that ends up on clothes can be hard to remove, but treat the ink stain with rubbing alcohol works wonderfully. Give it a generous dose and allow it to rest before laundering.

Fruit Fly Killer – Fruit flies are annoying when they decide to occasionally show up in your kitchen. Therefore, be prepared. Misting them with rubbing alcohol can kill them.

Makeup Brushes and Sponges – After cleaning them with mild dish detergent, then rinsing, I soak them in some rubbing alcohol for about five to ten minutes to further disinfect them. Afterwards, I straighten the bristles and lay them flat to dry.

What I shared here with these rubbing alcohol hacks are the ones that I always found beneficial. If you have more to share, please leave what other tips you may have here.


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