How to Achieve the Look of Airbrushed Skin

Girl With Perfect Look of Airbrushed Skin
There is more to that perfected, no-makeup look of airbrushed skin than just cosmetics. This post can help get your complexion closer to that goal.


When you see a face who seems to have flawless skin, you might wonder if the person came by that beauty naturally or was it helped along with skin care products and the right makeup? If you hope for this kind of a flawless complexion that keeps others staring while guessing at how you achieved that facial perfection, then I have some valuable makeup tips that can help you better reach that objective and sport that look of airbrushed skin.

Determining Your Skin Needs Is the First Step

Your choice of foundation formula has everything to do with a makeup look that replicates the appearance of a faultless complexion. The best way  to imitate the perfect, no-makeup look of airbrushed skin is by avoiding the tendency to overcompensate with more foundation than you need. The point is to let the condition of your skin help be your guide to keep your makeup application natural.

For instance, if you have great skin or a complexion that is aging, you might want to replace heavier formulas and opt for fairly light coverage with a tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream. These formulas also tend not to migrate to fine lines and deeper wrinkles, which is another reason to love them.  This is especially desirable for your goal in achieving a look of airbrushed skin.

A tinted moisturizer is typically the sheerest coverage and could show off that flawless skin to your advantage while providing the benefits of skin care and protection from the elements. Regardless, you still want to apply a moisturizer first to nourish the skin and keep your makeup look fresh.

Complexions that could use just a tad more help due to dullness or concealing some minor issues are better off with BB or CC creams. These formulas mix slightly more pigment with sunscreen, primer besides brighteners and ingredients for oil control to ideally fake the perfected look of airbrushed skin. BB or CC creams have thicker textures than tinted moisturizers for the most part. Therefore, try dotting them on with a makeup sponge or your beauty blender and carefully blend because you only need a minimum, but the best distributed coverage. Again, you shouldn’t neglect moisturizing to prep the complexion.

Sheer liquid foundations usually provide light coverage basically for evening out skin tone and boosting a healthier glow. They also have less nourishing skin care product benefits than tinted moisturizers, BB or CC creams. They can offer SPF protection and also stay out of your wrinkles for the most part. If you want your makeup to last all day and provide the best surface for foundation to glide over, then you also may want to moisturize and use a primer as well when aiming for a look of airbrushed skin.

Tools and Methods Also Can Help in the Quest  

When using a sheer liquid foundation formula, try using a tapered, but synthetic-haired foundation brush to dab the makeup on. To fake the perfected look of airbrushed skin, remember that less is more. Pour about three or four small drops of the foundation into your palm and start applying at your T-zone, blending out and concentrating where you need it. You can always build the coverage up, which is easier to appear natural as if this foundation is a part of you.

Complexions that can have a few skin problems like a sudden pimple that you want to hide need a medium-sheer formula of foundation. These formulas can provide more moderate coverage with their texture to work miracles without caking on where you don’t want it for best handling with what’s going on with your skin. I use slightly a bit more foundation that I pour into my palm and an angled synthetic foundation brush helps application more for smoothing whenever this happened to me.

Skin pitted or spotted from some skin eruptions may need more help with heavier medium coverage foundation. What else that helps hide those problems is the type of tool and method you use as well along with an oil-free moisturizer and primer. This is a time to take out a flat-top foundation brush because it helps more thoroughly in how it places pigment delivery to the skin. Make sure to swirl what you apply in to prevent any blotching. Of course, you can build up with another layer of makeup. Another helpful tactic to concentrate on those still visible skin issues is also dipping your sponge or beauty blender in some foundation and pressing the loaded applicator onto the troubled area.

Those with major skin problems like a lot of acne needs the heaviest coverage that only is possible with a full-coverage foundation, oil-free moisturizer and primer. The only way to fake better skin when your complexion is under attack is artful application using your beauty blender. What helps is using the widest side for dipping the foundation and then dabbing and gently pressing into the skin. The smaller end loaded with little more of that foundation is better for stippling tighter areas like around the nose to blend and finish for the closest attempt of keeping your complexion the most natural instead of piling foundation on like a mask.

Other Important Factors That Can Matter to Make the Look of Airbrushed Skin Reality

The better care you show your skin through a healthy diet, sleep and beneficial skin care products, the more your complexion will improve. As a result, you’ll depend on less makeup with a look to your complexion of airbrushed skin.



  1. gloria patterson
    February 20, 2019 / 12:16 pm

    fairly light coverage with a tinted moisturizer – I never would have thought about doing this. I would have continued/tried a foundation to cover my skin…… Got some shopping to do

  2. Rachel Browning
    February 20, 2019 / 8:15 pm

    This is awesome I would love to try this

  3. ellen beck
    February 20, 2019 / 8:20 pm

    I am horrible at makeup and I admit it. The older I get the tougher it becomes in not having the foundation enhance wrinkles or even worse dry skin. I can not wear the mineral makeup anymore, but the tinted does work the best.

  4. tat2gurlzrock
    February 21, 2019 / 10:07 am

    I use a a tinted moisturizer often. These are great tips. I have always tried my best to take care of my skin and keep my makeup as natural as possible.

  5. Sandy Klocinski
    April 22, 2019 / 3:33 am

    Foundation always looks best when applied with a light touch. Although, the older I get the less I tend to wear makeup at all. I do attempt to keep my skin healthy though

  6. Paula Pennachio
    July 30, 2019 / 4:16 pm

    I love this I’m going to try

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