Rouge Bunny Rouge Miniatures Collection Essentially Yours Set Review

Rouge Bunny Rouge Miniatures Essentially Yours Set up close
This miniatures collection gift set is the perfect way to experiment and try a variety of Rouge Bunny Rouge luxury makeup products in one box.


The ultimate way to test out beauty before committing to a full-size product is through sample or miniature sizes to see how well the formula and shade may work for you. Just in time for Mother’s Day, luxury European beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, released their Miniatures Collection Essentially Yours Set, which has seven makeup miniature classics that would please any woman and I’ll tell you why.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated. Opinions are solely mine. **

This limited edition Rouge Bunny Rouge Miniatures Collection Essentially Yours Set has every two shades of Milk Aquarelle foundation with Macadamia Milk Parfait (medium warm beige, 5 ml bottle) and Walnut Milk Parfait (pale yellow-toned beige, 5 ml bottle). This is a fabulous formula with a slightly gel-like texture that gives a gorgeous finish to the complexion from my experience. I was introduced to it a few years ago and loved how this foundation perfected skin. Read my earlier review and see swatches of the Almond Milk that has been renamed to Walnut Milk Parfait.

Even though the foundation shades may not suit your complexion, this Essentially Yours Set has two other miniatures to easily adjust the darkness of the color desired because of their Colour-Matching Concentrate AUBADES AND SERENADES (3 ml bottle) in Sonnet. This product is handy to have on hand to better match your coloring, if need be.

Having the right primer is essential for any hiding complexion flaws that might mar the skin to smooth and help foundation last longer. Rouge Bunny Rouge made sure to include their Aqua Primer PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS (5 ml tube) that doesn’t bog the skin down with a heavy, greasy feel. The formula is water-based with anti-aging ingredients like sea buckthorn berry extract, retinol and vitamin E for helping actually improves the skin and not just mask flaws.

One of my other favorite Rouge Bunny Rouge products is the Skin Perfector Serene Light highlighter (5 ml tube) for illuminating the complexion with how the light seems to come through the skin itself. The Rouge Bunny Rouge Miniatures Collection Essentially Yours Set provides one that I like to mix with my foundation with the flattering opalescence it adds.

Another excellent way to warm up your complexion is by adding some bronzing liquid to your foundation. I always like to add some and then gradually increase the amount, the darker my skin gets from pale winter to any tan I gain from summer. The Essentially Yours Set has their Bronzing Glow Liquid AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL (5 ml tube) that is perfect this task.

If you want to discover some sensational makeup products and get more from them, this Rouge Bunny Rouge Miniatures Collection Essentially Yours Set ($21) should be on your must have list. This limited edition set is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with some game-changing makeup for you and your mother.

Something else exciting is that you can use my coupon code RBR-BEAUTYCOOKSKISSES20 to save 20% off your Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique purchase at checkout. Happy Mother’s Day!



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  1. gloria patterson
    May 3, 2019 / 2:47 pm

    I kinda like this because of their size. Since I retired I don’t use up a lot of product and this would be perfect

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