Stressless Back to School Shopping Plan

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Here is an easy method to shop for your back to school needs.


Shopping for your children’s back to school supplies and clothes is not only time-consuming, but can be a hassle trying to get them ready for the new school year. If you want to avoid the complaints and extra needless trips to various stores, a stressless back to school shopping plan can help change all that for you. You can find out what your children can’t live without with this convenient  back to school shopping plan.

Dragging your children away from their summer fun in order to go to stores to try on new clothes can be like pulling teeth. Therefore, I suggest taking one child at a time, if you have someone to watch over your other children. This way simplifies boring the rest of the children while waiting for one or more siblings occupied changing in the dressing rooms. It also makes each child feel more special with their own back to school shopping day.

Depending on your budget, three pairs of new jeans can get them by a school week. Of course, if you have more to spend, a few more pairs can save you laundry time. Aim for about four short-sleeve tops, three long sleeve tops, two hoodies, four sweaters, seven pairs of underwear and socks, shoes, coats, umbrellas, mittens, and boots.

Backpacks will be on your back to school shopping plan. They may be great for all their multiple compartments for storing school supplies and everything else, but they also can pose a danger to strain muscles and joints if overloaded or worn incorrectly. Furthermore, they can also cause bad posture.

To protect your child from suffering from too heavy of a backpack, make sure what he or she is carrying is not more than 10% to 15% of their body weight. By all means, try to encourage your child not to bring home everything just what they need to do their homework.

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Back to school shopping can turn into a fun experience.

Then again, your child could like wearing that backpack over one shoulder because of the cool look it gives. The only problem is that carrying the weight from this angle could be doing harm to your child’s lower back or upper back from shoulder strain of this unbalanced weight he or she is lugging around. Make sure that you buy one with two wide shoulder straps to wear accordingly with less of a load to help with backpack safety.

As to actual school supplies, count on buying several notebooks, a pack of no. 10 pencils, another pack of colored pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, and glue for the younger children. A binder, a pack of binder paper, and a box of pens for older children besides the pack of pencils and notebooks to a computer should also be a part of your stressless back to school shopping plan.

A stressless back to school shopping plan also includes lunches. Unless your child buys lunch at the school cafeteria, you need to also buy them a lunch box. At the same time, you want to stock up on foods that includes some brain snacks that travel well to school in addition to wax paper or sandwich bags to wrap them in for transport.

If you have college bound children preparing for dorm life, then you also need to buy bedding, linens, personal care items, storage products like organizers to some nonperishable foods. Of course, you can share some of what you already own with your child, but you may need to buy more so plan ahead to best be prepared.

Back to school shopping is stressful, but the stress of getting ready for the school year can be reduced when you possess a plan.


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  1. gloria patterson
    July 16, 2019 / 3:18 pm

    Around here our students all have laptops so they don’t have to carry books home. Also great ideal to do this individual shopping with each kid early. Lot of parent have back to school vouchers and they also do their shopping on the tax free weekend.. If they parents already knew what they were getting it would be a lot easier

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