How to Find Your Best Foundation Effortlessly

Foundation Happiness_ How to Find YOUR Perfect Foundation Without Guessing!

There is more to shopping for foundations than selecting the right shades to compliment your skin tone. You want to make sure that you are buying the best formula and coverage level for your complexion. Therefore, I wanted to break it down for you on how to find your best foundation.

For those with dry skin like mine, you’ll really appreciate liquid or cream foundations as the best foundation for your skin type. Look for ones that promise a dewy or radiant finish. Not only will a dry complexion benefit from the formula’s moisture, but the extra shine or illuminating quality helps the anti-aging effort for a younger appearance.

A formula with SPF broad spectrum protection is also something to consider to further safeguard your complexion from the damaging aging effects of the sun. Multitasking BB and CC creams to tinted moisturizers can give more natural coverage with treatment and environmental protection. Speaking of SPF protection, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the foundation should have at least SPF15. However, you also may want to wear a higher broad spectrum sunscreen as well. By layering and doubling up, the amount of protection is not necessarily increased.  For instance, an SPF15 foundation plus wearing a separate SPF50 sunscreen would not amount to SPF65. The reality is you’ll be protected with SPF50, the highest SPF you’re using whether in that foundation, sunscreen or moisturizer.

The best foundation for those that consider their complexions normal should stick with liquid foundations with a natural, satin or silk finish (the perfect combo of dewy and matte foundations). This formula will give you the needed hydration without causing a greasy appearance.

On the other hand, if your complexion is on the oily side or is one suffering from acne, you want to be especially vigilant. Though you may be searching for full-coverage to smooth out imperfections, you want to avoid calling attention to acne problems.  Being the case, you should go with a liquid or powder foundation that promises a matte or velvet finish that is noncomedogenic and oil-free that won’t clog your pores like a water-based formula. Afterwards, finish your application with loose translucent power to lock that look in place longer for the day. Mineral powder foundations are also great bets.

Those that possess finicky skin that easily reacts to products should take special care in selecting the best foundation for their sensitive complexion. First of all, look for formulas that have the least potential to irritate such as ones that are fragrance-free or have fewer dyes.  Simpler formulas with a shorter ingredient list can be safer choices for someone prone to easily react to products. After all, the fewer ingredients the product has, the less likely you’ll run into a problem.

If you keep some of these basics in mind when searching for new makeup, you’ll come out ahead to make better choices on how to find your best foundation.


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