Fixes to Keep Handy When Overdoing Beauty Products

Fixes to Keep Handy When Overdoing Beauty Products


Though never intentional, we can often get carried away applying skin care, hair styling products to makeup at times. We usually have a choice of either cleansing the offending beauty product off and starting all over again or try to compensate for those mistakes. The next time this happens, here are some quick fixes when overdoing beauty products that will save you time and effort.

Let me start with hair products such as when applying too much hair oil that results in excess greasiness. Instead of rushing to the sink or shower to shampoo, you could search for a dry shampoo, which can help you out. However, you will have better luck by blotting the oil first with paper towels before automatically resorting to the dry shampoos since the paper attracts the grease almost like a sponge to lock onto it. Afterwards, you will notice that the dry shampoo powder cleans the hair more efficiently than attempting using it alone.

On occasion we may turn to new brands of hair styling products that can leave us in the dark about the best amount in that line to use until becoming familiar with it. The next time that you find yourself in this situation, another of these fixes when overdoing beauty products such as hair shine serum is using non-aerosal hair spray. Believe it or not, hair spray can accomplish miracles for absorbing that slick buildup to return your strands to normal.

Sometimes, hair coloring at home does always turn out the way you thought. After all, the photo on the box never seems to match the color once it’s on the head. Therefore, you can always try a clarifying shampoo that can help strip the color. If you don’t have one at home, you can simply make your own DIY clarifying shampoo from normal shampoo with two tablespoons of baking soda.

For adjusting bad hair coloring, you can always try adding tones to the color through highlights or lowlights to balayage for more even tone distribution from its wider spacing of the streaks through warm color.

Hair chalks are not mistake proof either. Fixes when overdoing beauty products for hair like those colorful hair chalks can be remedied by taking a paddle brush and vigorously working it through the hair. As a result, the chalk powder seems to vanish for altering the color. If the effect is still not to your satisfaction, then wetting your hands with some water to run through your hair before brushing again further removes more of the color.

How many of us went too heavy with makeup such as bronzer or blush? Here’s what you do to rectify that makeup mishap. Take a clean makeup brush or sponge and dust what bronzer or blush you can off. To take more, I take some fresh tissue and also wipe the color away. Another of these fixes when overdoing beauty products like blush or bronzer is trying a drop of face oil on the makeup sponge to gently press over the color. This helps lift more of that blush or bronzer without disturbing your foundation.

Overdoing eyeshadow that landed under the eyes can be often handled just by placing dabbing a tiny blend of foundation and concealer in the palm of your hand to transfer to your makeup sponge to eradicate the mistake.  Then again, your overdoing problem could be entirely different.  You might have attempted going too dark with eyeshadows.  In this instance, you may find sweeping the lids with shimmery beige shadow can be a simple save.

Perfumes are lovely, but hardly so if you accidentally use too much to overpower your presence. In this case, another of these fixes when overdoing beauty products is loading a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to rub over where you applied it on your skin. The reason this method of handling too much fragrance works more ideally than soap and water is because perfume ingredients typically don’t dilute in water.

These fixes when overdoing beauty products may not sound fancy, but they are ones that work so keep what I shared here in mind. If you do, then you’ll always be prepared if the worst happens during applications of those beauty products.


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