Why Attracting Owls to Your Property Help Rid Pests Like Moles

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – LoneWombatMedia

You’re probably wondering why attracting owls to your property is something that you would want to do, but there is good reason for that. Trust me, but it is not for hearing their magical hoot, hoot, hoot that they like to sing. However, if you have a problem with yard pests such as those ugly burrowing moles that love to ruin your yard by making tunnels in various spots all over it, then you also may want to consider the benefit of attracting some of those feathered friends to your own property as well.

The reason that I am so fond of owls was because my lawn was being destroyed by moles who would tunnel all over my backyard. I had a lot of little holes that they dug. Not only did their work ruin the appearance of my yard, it gave me an uncomfortable feeling walking out there if they decided to pop out at the same time under my feet.

During the early spring when the snow melted, I noticed that those creatures were once again busy tunneling. Therefore, I went to the home center and was advised to buy Grubex. This product kills the grubs in the grass, which the moles love to eat. I dumped loads of that stuff and I never noticed a drop off of tunneling activity. Besides, I could see the Grubex in the lawn.

Disappointed that the mole problem still was unresolved, I tried depositing mothballs in the holes after reading this was another way to make them leave. Unfortunately, the mothballs did not do what I had hoped to make them leave. I even think some of the moles must have grouped together to push a few of those mothballs back up in my yard. I say this because several mothballs appeared without the help of the rain or extra windy weather to stir them up.

Despite these setbacks in dealing with my uninvited guests, I was determined to force them out.
So I needed help and mother nature provided it. Living in the suburbs, I occasionally would hear turkeys calling, but not owls. Then one morning I heard an owl followed by a sighting in a nearby tree. I don’t know what variety it was, but it was a big fellow.

I don’t know how the owls know where to search for moles and other yard pests, but they must have been successful in locating the ones in my yard. Seriously, attracting owls to your property is helpful because the moles left. I had done the Grubex months before and sort of gave up on it. However, predators have a crucial job and they do it well.

My cat, who passed away would go out and hunt and we never had this problem. She passed away and now we have coyotes that if you would release a new cat into my yard might just feed the coyotes so I don’t think cats will work. Instead, attracting owls to your property is something I am going to try.

How to Attract Owls to Your Property

Trees are important to have on your property. They provide great perches for the owls to stay when hunting on your grounds. Thus, you don’t want to over prune large branches if you can help it. Like I said, some of our local owls were quite big in size. A puny branch would hardly hold their weight or be comfortable while they are on duty.

What else is a good idea is to let your grass grow a bit taller than you normally would. The rustling of grass gives the owls a clearer view of a small creature’s movement.

If you have room or huge trees on your property, you can also set up an owl nest box that you can attach to the tree or a pole. Just remember that this nesting box has to be at least 15-20 feet high with at least a six-inch hole for the entrance.

Attracting owls to your property can defeat moles, but also deal with rodents, skunks and rabbits as well. Of course, getting deers to leave your yard and garden alone is another thing. If you have a mole problem, you won’t be disappointed in recruiting owls and the quality of their work.


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