Diet Hacks That Really Work and Prevent Weight Cycling

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Trying to follow a diet is never easy. If eating less to drop pounds quickly was as simple as that, then everyone that ever started one would be their ideal weight with no more need for all varieties of diet books. Unfortunately, staying motivated on a set diet plan after a period of time usually fails for many people that often regain the lost weight after a number of months. Therefore, the best chance of keeping the weight off by sticking to a few principles with these diet hacks that are easier to follow for long term success.

Though you may have heard this a million times before, it is important to eat a hearty breakfast for the first meal and gradually less as the day progresses. You may think it is just to fuel the body for energy and to burn more calories until the next meal, but it goes beyond that for how it affects our body’s internal clock when food is taken in. I am referring to what is termed chrono-nutrition or the science of how food is metabolized, meal timing and your internal biological clock sync together. Apparently, those ingested calories are best metabolized in the morning and gradually decrease toward evening. This is why some studies recommend eating the most calories at breakfast, fewer calories at lunch and even a smaller dinner for the amount consumed for optimal weight loss.

We are habitually rushed with how filled our schedules are. Sadly enough, this modern lifestyle even affects how long we take to finish our meals. When at home, one of these diet tips that really work is slowly savoring every bite and making a ritual out of eating that meal. After all, the first two bites of that food will taste the best based on the science due to your taste buds, which are chemical receptors that influence how we perceive flavor.

Putting down the fork at times to talk can help you notice when your body is actually satisfied instead of just continually eating. This is yet another piece of advice worth remembering.

Having a glass of water to sip between bites with your meal also is beneficial. You will be surprised at how sooner that you will be full. Water also can come to your rescue when you’re about to hunt for snacks for how it will satisfy that desire.

Everyone knows how often they need to eat before their hunger is out of control and forces them to get food. Another of these diet hacks that won’t let you down is preventing your hunger from occurring in the first place by scheduling meals no longer than five hours apart. The reason this is vital for dropping weight and keep from regaining it is because you don’t want your blood sugar to drastically dip and cause you making bad food choices.

Losing weight is never an easy battle, but these simple diet hacks can help more than you know for long term success of keeping that weight from returning.


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