Colored Eyeliners Tip for Maximizing Eye Beauty


 Colored Eyeliners Tip Woman Wearing Colored Eyeliners


Color is going to dominate eye makeup for spring 2020. If you want to play with color in a way that can really open eyes up, you might try using this makeup tip that I have for you on how to take your eyes to limit with colored eyeliners.

Instead of your usual black, dark brown or gray eyeliner, you should try using two different colored eyeliners for the top and bottom. You might start out modestly with colors like dark brown at the top and plum at bottom or just in with something like a plum at the top and violet eyeliner at the bottom are just two examples. Navy liner at the top and cobalt blue for the bottom is another fun combination that can make your eyes dazzle.  Then again, there is canary yellow at the top or another pastel shade or even white and purple at the bottom that can look amazing to make the eyes pop. You have a lot of freedom of playing with color combinations.

I prefer using colored eyeliner pencils because of my fondness for controlling the thickness of the line for smudging with my eye shadows for daytime. However, you can also do with this two colored liquid eyeliners for a more dramatic effect, especially when doing a cat eye.

If you want to use colored eyeliner pencils to keep the look more natural, sharpen your pencils first. Before I use it, I always get a clean tissue to gently rub the tip against it. This makes it easier to work with and a gentler way to spread a thinner line. Rather than starting from the inner corner of the eye to lay down the line, you will want to start from the outer corner first and then work your way inward. The reason you want to try this method is because it gives the lashes a fuller effect from the illusion this line creates without making the eyes to appear sagging.

I hope you try this simple tip for using colored eyeliners because two unique colors will definitely maximize eye beauty for spring 2020 with the fresh twist it will give your eyes.


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  1. Tara Enright
    May 2, 2022 / 4:48 am

    I’m always afraid to express a new look with eyeliner for a different color, but the looks on the post fit her and look good. Me I am skeptical.

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