Smart Supermarket Shopping to Save Money, Health and Time

Smart Supermarket Shopping for Lemons
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As you probably noticed that food prices are once again going up. This time those increases are a result of this pandemic. If you are trying to keep up and make healthier food choices since you may have put on a few pounds, the task can be especially challenging. However, these smart supermarket shopping tips that I have for you will help on three fronts to save money, health and time.

Many of us simply go to the supermarket and walk through the aisles throwing into our carts what we think we need. This is really not a great idea because you often return home only to find you have the same product or products in your pantry or refrigerator. Take an extra step and check what you have in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry and make a list before you intend to go grocery shopping will prevent errors. It also saves time organizing shelves later.

What else that I like to do is date and label meats and poultry that I store in my freezer. When you skip that step, you can often find a mystery meat hidden behind other foods in the freezer that later needs thrown away.

Another of these smart supermarket shopping tips to try is including two vegetarian meals a week on your menu. Buying dried beans is less expensive but more work than opening cans for incorporating into your meals. You can make bean burgers, rice and bean pilafs, black bean lasagna, hearty soups to casseroles that save money, lower cholesterol, help diabetes and that desire to lose weight.

Though this is not a supermarket shopping tip, I also highly recommend drinking a tall glass of water along with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice a day. Believe it or not, this does spur weight loss and is working well for me. Down this drink quickly if you must, but you have to try it.

Don’t take a grocery cart into the store if you only have one item that you intend to buy. This causes eyes to wander when you spot tempting foods that could sabotage that weekly food budget, health and your waistline. Remember, stick to the plan.

Eating more fruits and vegetables are always a good idea and less meat and poultry. However, their cost can be more than dead animals, which is amazing. What I do when grocery shopping is to read the food circulars for sales on fruits and vegetables and work meals and snacks around those.

Sadly enough, people waste food in America needlessly. To avoid this practice, cook less unless your family is used to eating leftovers. By the way, using leftovers also saves time cooking the next day. Food is too expensive to just end up in the rubbish.

These smart supermarket shopping tips are far from complete, but they can make a difference for your lifestyle.


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